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Goodlife Chermside gym

A Goodlife Health Clubs gym in QLD

Compare Reported PricesMonthly Cost 
Goodlife Chermside $68 $60 - $76 4
Other gyms in QLD $68 +$0 $40 - $110 54
All gyms in Australia $76 +$8 $25 - $150 357

Price Reports

18 Dec, 2010 Julie $64.00
"You're ignortant if you think you can't be sent to debt collection it's not the gyms that send you it's the billing companies ...then you will get a bad credit rating ... don't write something you know nothing about!!"
16 Dec, 2010 Anonoymous $60.00
"Don't give advice if you don't know your facts ..... if gyms go through billing companys and you stop your payments at the bank you will be sent to debt collection and you will have a bad credit rating..... "
5 Aug, 2010 Anonymous $76.00
"Its easy to get out of Gym memberships (so I have learnt). All you have to do is go to you bank provider and ask them for a stop direct debit request form sign it off and they send it to them. Gyms are not allowed to give you bad credit ratings so don't be afraid to do what's right for you. I was in a contract and the contract was up and I stopped the contract in writing and personally and they just kept taking money out. That was my lesson learnt. :)"
27 Apr, 2010 Bryan Smith $72.00
"Nice gym but a nightmaer to get out of the contract."
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