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Goodlife Wantirna gym

A Goodlife Health Clubs gym in VIC

Compare Reported PricesMonthly Cost 
Goodlife Wantirna $72 $52 - $105 9
Other gyms in VIC $77 +$6 $30 - $120 94
All gyms in Australia $76 +$4 $25 - $150 357

Price Reports

31 Aug, 2012 Anon $90.00
"OMG the sales manager is a pig I want to go there, and am prepared to pay a reasonable rate, but he is a horrendous liar - funny how he wont honour the price on their website...."
21 May, 2012 Anonymous $52.00
7 May, 2012 Previous Employee $62.00
"Try to join toward the end of the month, as Goodlife have monthly quotas of members that have to join per month, they tend to be more flexible with pricing. Also it will always be cheaper as soon as you are willing to commit to a year. If you are a member of Bupa/Medibank they have special corporate discounts. "
18 Feb, 2011 goodlife wantirna $52.00
2 Feb, 2010 anonymous $79.00
18 Jan, 2010 fitnessfirst knox $105.00
"biggest rip off. but the mrs goes there, so had no option but to pay that price"
10 Aug, 2009 Anonymous $62.80
27 Jun, 2009 anonymous $79.95
12 May, 2009 goodlife wantirna $61.00
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