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The average gym membership price in Australia is $76/month ($25 - $150).
This is based on 354 price reports.

Body Workshop$40/month$25 - $55/month2
Curves International$62/month$40 - $100/month65
Derrimut$54/month$52 - $56/month2
Equilibrium Health & Fitness$64/month$60 - $68/month3
Fernwood$77/month$40 - $112/month39
Fitness First$81/month$32 - $150/month113
Focus Health & Fitness$80/month$80/month1
Genesis Fitness$79/month$72 - $90/month6
Goodlife Health Clubs$66/month$48 - $122/month49
Head Quarters Fitness---
Limbo Fitness$35/month$30 - $40/month2
Next Generation$109/month$75 - $137/month22
North Adelaide Fitness Centre$62/month$62/month1
Pro Fitness$60/month$60/month1
South Pacific Health Club$88/month$74 - $107/month4
Southbound Fitness---
V Club$96/month$66 - $134/month4
Virgin Active$107/month$92 - $117/month14
Viva Fitness$61/month$55 - $67/month4
Yarra Council Leisure$74/month$30 - $89/month5
Zest Health Clubs$64/month$50 - $100/month14