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Goodlife Parramatta gym

A Goodlife Health Clubs gym in NSW

Compare Reported PricesMonthly Cost 
Goodlife Parramatta $62 $55 - $70 8
Other gyms in NSW $76 +$14 $32 - $134 98
All gyms in Australia $76 +$14 $25 - $150 357

Price Reports

21 Jun, 2011 Gab $68.25
"Took over someone's membership so avoided all the joining fees etc. $31.50 a fortnight, equals $68.25 a month."
17 Jun, 2011 Annoyed $59.00
"They are scammers and should be reported to fair trading .my membership was expired I gave a months notice and still were taking money out of my account so I closed account and asked for refund .They still send letters best to close account and let them chase "
23 Apr, 2011 Vanessa Pollett $55.00
"I just cancelled my foundation membership. It was a cheap membership, but the lack of great instructors, having to apy more to go to other GoodLife gyms and the gradual degradation of the gym and it's equipment has meant that I have gone elsewhere. I am wiling to pay more and get value for my $ (whatever sum it is). I also had to wait for two payment, but it ended up being almost six weeks as I unknowingly canceled a day after a payment came out. Don't believe them when they say cancellation is 30 days, it is actually two fortnightly payments after you cancel."
17 Jan, 2011 Sobitha $59.00
"on the student plan....$14.75 a week!"
6 May, 2010 Peter $70.00
"Cleveland - Was paying $33.50 per fortnight. Same experience as Carly - Went to resign my membership, and had to endure an interview. Soemweeks later I noticed payment were still being withdrawn from my account. I phoned them and they said my membership was still active - had not been cancelled. The woman also said that it took a month and 2 more payment before cancellation took effect. Still waiting for them to get back to me and ensure the payments really are cancelled. I was also told that the fees had gone up."
27 Dec, 2009 Mikey $58.00
"im paying $58.00 at goodlife parramatta if u kno sum1 that works there they can fix u up with a good deal "
4 Oct, 2009 Carly $65.00
"Yeah they tell you that you can use them all, they dont mention they are all in QLD but 2 others in NSW which charge you an extra $5 per visit. Cancelling is a nightmare as well, even if your contract is over they say they need a month notice and take AT LEAST 2 more payments out. Plus they told us they added terms to the contract and make you have a meeting with the sales manager to quit. All gyms scam you so I wasnt exactly shocked. "
14 Jun, 2008 Kelly $60.50
"A bit shady. He assured me that there were 31 other venues I could use, without mentioning they were all located in Queensland..."
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