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  • Genesis Fitness
  • Ph: (03) 8768 0700
  • Fx: (03) 9796 1022
  • Website
  • 18-24 Clyde Road, Berwick, 3806
  • Monday - Thursday: 6am - 9.30pm
    Friday: 6am - 8.30pm
    Saturday: 8am - 5pm
    Sunday: 8am - 5pm
    Public Holidays: 9am - 5pm

Genesis Fitness Berwick gym

A Genesis Fitness gym in VIC

Compare Reported PricesMonthly Cost 
Genesis Fitness Berwick $82 $73 - $90 4
Other gyms in VIC $77 -$4 $30 - $120 94
All gyms in Australia $76 -$6 $25 - $150 357

Price Reports

22 May, 2011 ANGEE $82.00
"Great gym, great classes.Good to see you give new instructors opportunity to become more experienced too...but still under supervision of a GREAT instructor! good work...I'm addicted to step and combat!"
30 Dec, 2010 Evelyn $82.00
"This is the best gym and fitness club by far in the eastern burbs, service was so interactive, made me feel valued and they always follow up to see how my program is going and take time to get to know me as a friend. Go there and ask to speak to Johnny Membership Care Manager he was professional and sincere. I paid only $18.95 for all Group classes including Zumba, Boxing, Pilates and Yoga! So happy :-)"
15 Jul, 2010 Rowan $73.00
"Once-off fee $55, then keep haggling, they will reduce it to $16.95/week (x 52 week/12 months = 73/month) if you have voucher from Entertainment book its even better, 25% off"
2 Dec, 2009 Alex $89.80
"Prices are: 1 year contract - $985.40 1 year contract with weekly debit - $170 to join + $18.95/week Open (no contract) - $22.45/week."
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