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  • Fitness First
  • Ph: 1 300 55 77 99
  • Subiaco, WA

Fitness First Subiaco Platinum gym

A Fitness First gym in WA

Compare Reported PricesMonthly Cost 
Fitness First Subiaco Platinum $80 $58 - $130 8
Other gyms in WA $85 +$5 $33 - $150 53
All gyms in Australia $76 -$4 $25 - $150 357

Price Reports

1 May, 2012 Ashley $70.00
6 Feb, 2011 Annie $130.00
"BEWARE! I didn't join because I got the distinct impression I was going to be ripped off! The girl who served me quoted me a $370 joining fee, an $85 starter pack and a $35.00 per week fee. When I told her the cost was too high she 'slashed' it down to $79.95 joining fee. What a rip off! They also try to collect personal data on you which I wasn't keen to provide. All I wanted was a quote on gym membership, I was willing to pay 15-20 a week, and instead I felt like they were trying to rob me out of $600! "
29 Jul, 2010 BK $67.80
"Joined as a foundation member."
25 May, 2010 Tom $59.80
"Watch out with these guys, they try to smash you with a high price and 'pretend' they can't change the price. If your sales person is being inflexible, ask to speak to the sales manager or get a different sales person."
17 Feb, 2010 Pete $58.00
"Joined during winter promo"
18 Aug, 2009 Matt $100.00
10 Aug, 2009 Kit $75.80
13 Jan, 2009 Bob $80.00
"No more expensive than any other Fitness First. Not any better either..."
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